The Neck-O Pillow™ was designed to be a dental neck pillow and an invaluable resource for dental clinicians. So often in dental settings, a patient has to sit still for long periods of time while craning their necks in an unnatural position. Not only is this uncomfortable for the patient, but it can also be a taxing position for dental clinicians to work from, especially on longer procedures. What this dental neck pillow offers is a comfortable, pain-relieving experience for both the patient and the dental worker. Our pillow keeps the patient’s neck well supported at a slightly turned angle that allows clinicians easier access to the patient’s mouth during a procedure. Medically designed and tested, the Neck-O Pillow™ is here to be your next invaluable investment in the dental field.

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The number of adults who suffer from sore necks is astounding and unnecessary. A simple ergonomic neck pillow can make trips to the dentist, airplane rides, and even car rides exponentially more comfortable. If you’re a dentist or dental hygienist, you may notice this discomfort in your patients, but the Neck-O Pillow can create a more comfortable environment for every patient. Most people do not enjoy dentist appointments because they are uncomfortable, but with the Neck-O Pillow, clients will be dozing off in the chair! You may be in charge of caring for your client’s teeth, but why not care for their necks too? Enhancing your patient's comfort and reducing pain makes the appointment more pleasant for them and you, as working with a dissatisfied patient is challenging. If their neck is in pain, they may shift around more and be less receptive to the dental work.Start using the Neck-O Pillow in your office and become known as the comfiest dentist office around!