Doubling as a medical neck pillow, the Neck-O Pillow™ has been tried and tested to deliver the utmost comfort and neck support in medical offices as well as dental settings. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind product that can assist patient with neck support during a variety of medical procedures. Especially beneficial for patients who have undergone neck surgery, our medical neck pillow can offer the perfect amount of support to relive pain, discomfort, and general anxiety. The benefits of neck support are immeasurable, but you don’t have to take our word for it—try our Neck-O Pillow™ yourself, and we guarantee you’ll feel the difference.

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Here are a few quick answers to commonly asked questions regarding using medical pillows for neck pain and support:

Anyone who suffers from neck pain for various reasons should use a pain relief pillow. A neck pain relief pillow is beneficial while attending a medical procedure that requires you to lay down or stay in a reclined position for an extended period.

It makes it a smoother experience for yourself and the practitioner!

Additionally, if you play video games, use your phone, the computer, or any electronic device that causes you to bend your head forward, you should take the strain off your neck with a pain relief pillow. Otherwise, poor circulation to the brain could cause severe headaches and other issues.

There are multiple types of pillows for neck pain,of all which have a unique design that takes pressure away from various pain points while rectifying alignment concerns.

The Neck-O Pillow stands up to the competition by helping you maintain the perfect position for the dentist to work more efficiently with better access to your mouth. You can also use a medical pillow if you regularly suffer neck pain outside a dental visit.

You choose a pillow for neck pain based on a variety of factors. It should be the correct firmness and height, a shape conducive to lending cervical support and decompressing the spine, and it should keep your head at a slight angle.

This way, you don't over-exert the pressure points in your neck, nor does it cause any problems for your posture.