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The Neck-O Pillow™ has patented comfort technology, which creates a soothing experience to use at home or at the dentist's office.

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We strive to reinvent the patient experience:

The Neck-O Pillow™ is a cervical neck pillow approved by dental clinicians across the USA to be used at home or at the dentist's office. It aims to create a more satisfying and comfortable experience while patients are in the reclined position. The patented ergonomic design allows for maximum comfort while maintaining a slight turn of the head to allow for easier access during each meeting between professional and patient.


You can use the Neck-O Pillow™ to soothe your neck pain in any given setting. Having one in the comfort of your own home provides a relaxing and pain free experience whether you are laying down or sitting in a chair.

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Fix Your Posture

Constant use of electronic devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and computers can cause your head to lean forward and increase pressure on your neck. This can result in severe headaches and neck pain from poor posture and less circulation to the brain. Allow the Neck-O Pillow™ to improve the posture and overall comfortability of your neck muscles!

Patented Design

Our patented cervical neck pillow design allows our product to be applicable in any medical field! From the dentist office to the couch, let the Neck-O Pillow™ transform your patient experience!

Neck-O Pillow™ Features

Unique Ergonomic Design

The Neck-O Pillow™ design features a three pronged tip and a 100% cotton shell. The unique design keeps your head aligned and directly hits the pain points and stimulates the muscles in your neck. The cotton shell provides a soft and soothing experience that gently cradles the patient's head while laying down.

Alleviates Patient Anxiety

Nearly every 2 out of 3 adults report feeling some form of anxiety, stress, and neck pain while at dental offices. The Neck-O Pillow™ aims to create a more relaxing atmosphere in your office by taking the pressure off the patient's neck which relieves strain of the muscles in the reclined position.

Keep Proper Posture

The Neck-O Pillow™ helps users keep the proper posture with its ergonomic design. There is a curved shape in the center of the cushion that provides a comfortable surface for the cervical spine and relieves pressure. It allows your neck muscles to stretch and supplies oxygen to the brain by improving blood circulation.

COVID-19 Protected Covers

Our disposable neck pillow covers are perfect for safe use during patient visits. The Neck-O Pillow™ remains clean in-between patients. No need to worry about switching out pillows or cross contamination!

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Clean & Safe Use

These covers are resistant to contaminants. Help to create a clean and safe experience for both the patient and practitioner. It provides a clean cover for each Neck-O Pillow™ without irritating the patients skin!

Satisfied Customers

Customer Reviews

Paul R.

"As a new patient and infrequent visitor to the dentist, the Neck-O made me feel relaxed from the start of my appointment and left me feeling at ease and comfortable in the dental chair."

Dr. Andrew E., MD.

"I am a Family Physician and I am very much aware of C Spine ergonomics and its effect on neck pain. I have had my own experiences with neck pain and C Spine surgery. I found the Neck-O Pillow to be well-designed and extremely comfortable for my neck and positioning."

Sarah T.

"This is the most comfortable pillow I have ever used! The shape contours perfectly to my neck and relieves any existing tension. I sleep with this pillow every night and bring it with me to my dentist appts."

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