Neck-O Pillow™ was founded with the belief that all patients should have the most comfort during their visits in every office for each of their visits. Various studies have shown that many patients experience anxiety and discomfort during their time in Dental Chairs. The Neck-O Pillow™ was designed by our founder, Ellen Sheehan, after she experienced her own discomfort during various dental procedures along with dental visit anxiety and vertigo after being in the Dental Chair for long periods of time.

Here at Neck-O Pillow™, we prioritize the best experience through comfort and peace of mind for each and every patient that utilizes the Neck-O Pillow™ during their time in dental offices. The ergonomically and patented design allows for a relax of pressure on the various pressure points in the neck and upper back of each patients. Also, the design of the Neck-O Pillow™ allows for ease in reach for the service professional. The ultra-soft and comforting shell provides a soft and comforting cushion for the patients to experience comfort.

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Ellen is an established medical professional in Massachusetts as a registered Dental Hygienist for over 20 years. Ellen founded Neck-O Pillow™ with belief that every patient should not have to experience pain and anxious during dental office visits. In addition, Ellen is a proud mother of three children and takes pride every the experience of every patient who she proudly treats like family at every visit in the dental office that she works in. Ellen is also a Certified Licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent and a Spin Instructor.

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