Our neck pillows & disposable neck pillow covers are designed with clinicians in mind who see numerous patients throughout their busy day. However, they make a wonderful addition to any home, office, or business in general! Our ergonomic neck pillows deliver a host of wonderful benefits to not only patients but also their clinicians by providing better angles to work from. In a dental setting, for instance, your patient will have the luxury of medically sound neck support and pain relief if keeping their neck in a static position for long typically bothers them. And with these neck pillows and disposable neck pillow covers, you can simply change out the one-time-use cover and be ready to go for your next patient of the day. Additionally, our disposable covers possess antimicrobial properties.

Buy Disposable Neck Pillow Covers from Neck-O Pillow™

If you have neck pillows in your dental office, you need protective and disposable neck pillow covers to ensure each patient uses a clean and pristine pillow. The same ergonomic pillow can accommodate every patient you see on a busy day, but changing the cover protects them from things like lice. Every patient will feel comfortable and clean laying on our hygienic and disposable pillow covers. But these pillow covers are also excellent for personal use. Take your ergonomic pillow on a plane and use a disposable cover to keep your pillow clean and safe from germs! Keep the Neck-O Pillow in your car with disposable covers for when kids need a nap!


Below are a few related questions.

While the cover doesn’t need to be larger than the pillow, it’s recommended. Using a product that does not cover your entire pillow means your pillow will get dirty, causing hygiene issues. It’s best to choose a cover one to four inches larger than your pillow.

Few things are as delightful as a fresh pillowcase, so you can change your pillowcase daily if you like. Experts recommend changing your pillowcase at least once a week, but every three to four days is ideal. A dirty pillowcase can cause skin and hair problems, such as breakouts, greasy hair, or irritation.

Pillowcases and pillow covers may seem interchangeable, but they have notable differences. Pillow covers or shams protect the pillow and usually have an aesthetic purpose and a zipper that closes the opening. Pillowcases have an open end and are solely for sleeping on. You can purchase disposable pillow covers for hygienic purposes.